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  • V.P.

    I’m a fairly new customer Anna, I have ordered some custom molds and they are of the best quality! She communicates as she completes each step. My freshies come out perfect each time. She has been my go to person ever since the first mold I ordered.

  • C.B.

    I have ordered several times from Anna. I even had her do a custom set for me. They are perfect!! TAT is super fast. Quality is amazing. And she is just an overall kind and caring human. I love Copel Calculations!!!

  • T.M.

    Anna’s molds are amazing! I have 3 custom molds as well as a few regular ones. They are a huge hit! I love that she has such a unique variety of designs and she throws her own style into her designs! She also has super quick turnaround time! Highly recommend! :)

  • S.F.

    Anna is an amazing mold creator. She takes my ideas for custom molds and makes them a reality. Her other molds are amazing as well. Copel Calculations is my go to for almost all my molds. Aside from being creative she is very friendly excellent customer service, timely shipping and well packaged.

  • A.G.

    If you’re looking for quality and unique molds, you’ve definitely come to the right place! All of the molds are super easy to work with. And the perfect size! (Yes some look huge in Anna’s hands, but her hands are tiny .)
    And she is always my go to for custom molds! That is how I met her almost 4 years ago. And, as always, use code BLONDIE to save every single time you buy!

  • R.H.

    Let me just tell you about Anna Copel with Copel Calculations. Her customer service is amazing!!!! I had a little shipping mishap, not anything to do with anything she did but she has handled the situation and in less than 24 hours. I CAN NOT recommend her enough!!! I knew she was my go to for a reason and why I send everyone I know her way!! Much appreciated Anna, thank you for being amazing!!!

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